26 thoughts on “Practicing reflection photography

  1. Welcome back to my blog! Once gone for months on end, my electronic watchdogs found and deleted your profile! Nice to have you back! Hope it won’t happen again?
    Have you tried shooting through a double thermopane window? With the bet light conditions you may create som rather strange scenes! Like UFO’s hovering in the sky in in bright daylight! 🙂

    1. I have not tried that, but will have it in mind. Thanks for a intriguing tip!
      I guess I come and go, as many of my own followers. My blogging is a bit random. 😊

      1. There’s something different about your profile!
        For instance, there’s no e-mail address! All others leaving comments also display e-mail address, which is very convinient when cases like ours appear. Then it’s possible to clear things up. 🙂

      2. Ok, I have no idea why it differs from others.
        But I also experience different approaches – some comments I get I need to approve, some not. Some I get to my email, some not.😃 However, all comments I get I can see in my feed.

  2. Thank you! Remember I treid to mail you at the time, but got no respons. Then I concluded you were no longer interested and removed your profile from our mailing liusts, but – happy to have you back!

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