Fly on a mountain everlasting

Kattfot or mountain everlasting (Antennaria dioica).

Last summer I had bridges as my photo challenge – this year it will be insects or ruins. I have never taken pictures of ruins… or perhaps once. Remembering it difficult to highlight the object since it was surrounded by bushes and other “buzz items”.

Well well, let’s see. Maybe the challenge will be to remember to insert the darn battery.

Angry Bird

Sound on: Nothern lapwing (or peewit) Vanellus vanellus.

She was a bit upset – I got too close to her chicks.

A very exciting and social evening walk, indeed.

Meet mr Mustache

(…or Jack Black, which was his real name.)

He lived a good life under the breakfast table at hotel Full House in Kortrijk. He warmed your feet and took care of your left overs. Environment friendly employee, I must say.