Fly on a mountain everlasting

Kattfot or mountain everlasting (Antennaria dioica).

Last summer I had bridges as my photo challenge – this year it will be insects or ruins. I have never taken pictures of ruins… or perhaps once. Remembering it difficult to highlight the object since it was surrounded by bushes and other “buzz items”.

Well well, let’s see. Maybe the challenge will be to remember to insert the darn battery.

Bee session

Japanese rose (Rosa rugosa).

It’s that stupid bee that’s unfocused, not me.

Macro Saturday. Windy and well identified flying objects all over the place.

1. Identify flowers – check!

2. Get the camera – check!

3. Get started – check!

4. Go back inside to insert battery – check!

5. Go back outside and check if neighbours are awake – check!

6. Be too lazy to go back in again to get tripod – check!

7. Dive wholeheartedly into the thorny shrub – check!

8. Glance nervously to see if neighbours are watching – check!

9. Chase bees with macro lens frantically – check!

10. Realize that you are more hungry than eager to take pictures – check!

11. Go back inside to have a sandwich – check!