Så är det

…men det kan vi ju tala tyst om.

Det är möjligt att misslyckas helt och hållet med sitt yttre syfte men samtidigt lyckas helt och hållet med sitt inre syfte. 

Eller tvärt om, vilket är vanligare.

E Tolle 




Need a key? Turn to Lisa J. Large – she has the largest collection in the World. Ms Large has 3 604 keys on her key-ring.

Did you know that the oldest lock around is about 4 000 years old? And, according to Guinness World Records, the largest padlock measures 1,44 m and weigh  415,5 kg?

This post will do for WP’s Weekly Photo Challenge “enveloped”. These locks are signed, sealed but not yet delivered. Pic taken in Paris.

So, what did I think

about Disneyland? Well… on my way in: “Greedy old cartoon pirates! They will steal my money and throw me to the dragons.”

On my way out? “Do we really have to go now?”

Gaah, I was the mum so I had to make that tough decision. We had to let go. But it was fun… and beautiful… and fairy taleish.

They stole my money and I kind of enjoyed it. Am I stupid or what?