Traffic wardens

…with an attitude,

fellows that were in the mood.
Don’t just stand there, let’s get to it,
strike a pose, there’s nothing to it. Vogue.

I choose my parking lots with care.

I jumped when I saw myself in the mirror

I choose my selfies with care.

…but then I remembered that I’ve been listening to both Avicii & Prince tonight. (What a combination.)

I feel happy in my entire body, despite the mascara mess. It’s not sad tears, it’s more like ‘Thank you for the music-tears’.

I wish you all a happy week – filled with classy jazzy, funky rockig soul shaking music 🎶 (and camera) moments.

It’s a Purple Day 

Då har det gått ett år sedan han gick bort i sitt Paisley Park, mr Prince Roger Nelson (June 7, 1958 – April 21, 2016). Som ett troget fan och amatörbloggare borde jag kanske skriva några väl valda – men nej – jag hoppar det. Jag överlåter ordet till the Purple One Himself. Han gör det ju tusen gånger bättre. (Och Sinead o’Connor vet hur man förmedlar.)