Early start


I have some problem with ny sleep so today I’m aiming for sunrise shoots – when the sun is rising from the see horizon, so to say…
This pic from yesterday’s sunset.
Cellphone and hdr-filter.

Barca – the big pineapple


Hola, I’m reporting live from Barcelona! The meeting went excellent and my mini-vacation starts right now!
Took a late walk, lovely warm night. Lots of people everywhere. Feels exotic!
Cellphone pic with hdr- and glamour filter. Good night!

Curious cat


Combining business with pleasure: one day of work and two days of weekend sun in Barcelona! My posting might be a bit slow during these days – work and long walks with Ms Nikon will probably take all my time.
Any suggestions on Barca-areas/things I should explore with my camera?
Hoping for good Wifi at my hotel so I can share some moments with you.

Edit: Nikon, drama, hdr and retrolux filter.