None of my thumbs are green




but things in my garden are. (It’s a very small garden) (very, VERY small garden) (It’s not a garden, more like… just a den,  or gar).

Note to self: Consider to write in Swedish.  Then at least some people  understand what you are writing.

Nature is amazing.

Please excuse


my slow blogging – I find it hard to see motives right now (I find them but I can’t see them, if you know what I mean). This pic from yesterday’s Pride Parade in Stockholm.
Nikon and Noir filter.

Dear friends

I’m not sure what I have done… but my Domain name is now changed to Some days ago I upgraded my account to Premium and a own Domain was included. is too long. I mean, how many of you remember ‘Ullis’ – is that a nickname used outside the Swedish border? 🙂  No, I wanted something shorter and “Instamoments” was already taken, so I created a new word –  Instaology. I hope you like it!

Now I better run  to Statoli, I’m renting a car and heading out for some adventures with the kids this weekend. IKEA and a sweaty basketball hall coming up.

Wish me luck!

Another glamour bird


spreading its wings.

Note to self: put on your glasses and spend atleast 10 sec of on proofreading before uploading a post.
Gaah, “maby” – what’s that?!
M-a-y-b-e that would spare your readers from some typos.
Poor grammar and wrong prepositions they must endure.