Please excuse


my slow blogging – I find it hard to see motives right now (I find them but I can’t see them, if you know what I mean). This pic from yesterday’s Pride Parade in Stockholm.
Nikon and Noir filter.

Big or small


The Daily Post is asking for “Strange conversations” – here you go:

Overheard from the nursery:
The 6-year-old sadly: I have tiny pockets on my pants.
The 4-year-old: Nope!
The 6-year-old: Yes, they are super tiny, look!
The 4-year-old firmly: Nah they are big. You can put bugs in them.
The 6-year-old: Noo, that’s not possible.
The 4-year-old upset: Oh yes, you can! You can put small bugs in them! It’s possible, for sure. I promise!
6-year-old: No, that’s not possible.

Etc. for 5 minutes more

Risky business

training socks

I wonder what will happen if i put R on L foot and L on R foot? Will it take twice as long walking to the bus? Or will I just have bad foot-day?

Oh, I would never do such a crazy thing, but sometimes these obsessive thoughts just comes over me.  It’s great that sock manufacturers take responsibility and provide customers with these very important recommendations. What would otherwise happen? I mean – walking around with two R’s? No thanks.