A crash course about Sweden and Swedes

imageSweden, the land of water and

imagemoose droppings.

imageWe know how to ride a Kick,

imageand how to chill in the snow.

imageAfter a chaotic day at IKEA

imagewe love to take a”Fika”

imageand talk about when Måns Zelmerlöw won the Eurovision Song Contest.

imageWe are proud of ABB

imagebut not so proud of SL’s punctuality.

imageWe can pick delicious mushrooms in our forests

imagebut don’t mind taking on exciting exotic fruits from far away countries.

imageSweden – the only country where the clouds are interesting. That’s my country!

Happy 6th of June (Sweden’s National Day)!


When waiting



in line at IKEA (boooring) it’s fun to edit snapshots. Snapseed,  drama, hdr and vintage filter.
My son spoted celebs in the line next to us and asked if I took pictures of them. I did not. I had no idea they were standing there.

Dear friends

I’m not sure what I have done… but my Domain name is now changed to Instaology.com. Some days ago I upgraded my account to Premium and a own Domain was included.

Ullisinstamoments.com is too long. I mean, how many of you remember ‘Ullis’ – is that a nickname used outside the Swedish border? 🙂  No, I wanted something shorter and “Instamoments” was already taken, so I created a new word –  Instaology. I hope you like it!

Now I better run  to Statoli, I’m renting a car and heading out for some adventures with the kids this weekend. IKEA and a sweaty basketball hall coming up.

Wish me luck!

Glow in the dark


In response to WP’s Weekly Photo Challenge – orange

A small lamp from a very BIG furniture store in Sweden (no, it did not require any scre…wing…Ooops “no, the container did not contain any screws” phew… (but a 6 pages long manual on how to put together)), perfect for a kids bedroom. It changes color from orange/red to blue/lilac and the shell is made of soft rubber.