“I carried a watermelon”

Now I know what an great achievement that really was – when Baby carried a watermelon.

Note to self: You can’t do any dirty dancing after carrying a watermelon, your arms are totally numb! Looks silly.

Small table – big eaters



imageMy contribution to WP’s Photo challenge: Small but coluourful dinner at the summer house. Corn, haloumi, basil, pickle, tomato, onion, lettuce, spicy guacamole – all musts on my homemade burger.

Got hungry now. It’s time for breakfast in Sweden.

Cellphone pics, drama & glamour filter.

Say Hi to



A Swedish word for “Cozy Friday”,
meaning (for a Swede):
eating soft shell tacos.
Yes. Eating soft shell tacos.
Not lobster or pasta. Or sit by an open fire. No. Soft shell tacos.
Otherwise it’s not Friday. Or Cozy.
For a Swede, that is.

Well, at least for a Swede with kids.