The heavy adult-filter


Sometimes it takes weeks for me to find fun and inspiring motives with my lens. It’s like a thick, dull adult-filter blocks the viewfinder. Perhaps I’m trying too hard – or not trying at all.

A friend of mine, Maria, writes about finding the flow in one of her blog posts. Maybe I need to turn my seeker to something completely different than i usually do? What would that be? Food? No. Nope. Not amused by food.

Fashion? OMG, no.

I wish I could spy through my kid’s eyes (theme of The Weekly Photo Challenge). They see exciting things everywhere.

Next to all the drama was a church





imageThe Church of Saint Claire. Big, old and peaceful.

Today’s mission: act as Det Lilla Barnets Fund’s official photographer when 6 researchers were awarded with funding for 2016. The Fund´s protector, Prince Carl Philip, was supposed to hand over diplomas and shake hands.

Results:: 4 decent images of happy researchers, but no prince in sight. And, not to forget, a Picture of myself in the newspaper (link to Expressen). I’m on the wrong side of the police cordon, but anyway. His Royal Highness Prince Carl Philip had to turn at the door.

Enough drama for today. Exciting mission completed.

Nikon pictures with drama filter.

Tickling mr Obama

Home with sick child “VAB” – a great opportunity for domestic work. Or fooling around.

tickle Obama

I go for the fooling around! Tickling is always appreciated, even Obama seems to enjoy it.