I’m not a tiger nor a cougar


I prefer my Chardonnay in leopard and pink rubber-something. Hot. Really hot, not.

Oh well, I’m not a fashion blogger – let’s agree upon that.

(By the way, the first flower in my previous post is a Monotropa Hypopitys or Pinesap (Tallört in Swedish) and  the second one Padris Quadrifolia or Lovers knot (Ormbär in Swedish).

Mount Astrid Lindgren


Last summer I took this pic on my way to mount Astrid Lindgren, 55 MAMSL (Metres Above Sea Level). Chalk bag and safety rope not required.

This will do for WP’s Weekly Photo Challenge “On the Way“.

And who is this Astrid Lindgren (link to AL Memorial Award)? Well, one of my favourite authors and mother of Pippi Longstocking and Ronia the Robber’s Daughter – and some other free thinking children:




Game of Thrones – a huge success in Sweden – but I have not seen one single episode. So. Yesterday I bought  “A Game of Thrones “, the first book in the sixology (yes, I just made that word up) written by George R R Martin.
Oh man, 732 pages with very VERY small letters.

6 books á 900 pages each  = 5400 pages = 10 years of reading and no blogging.

Is it worth it? Have you watched the series or read the book? Or even both?

Feelin’ skeptical.