Small table – big eaters



imageMy contribution to WP’s Photo challenge: Small but coluourful dinner at the summer house. Corn, haloumi, basil, pickle, tomato, onion, lettuce, spicy guacamole – all musts on my homemade burger.

Got hungry now. It’s time for breakfast in Sweden.

Cellphone pics, drama & glamour filter.


image image image WP’s Photo Challenge – What subject keeps you coming back? This week, show us your muse. I’m sorry, but I can’t give you pictures of my muse – because Music is my muse! However, pictures of instruments and musicians I can provide. Good night. Nikon, Snapseed and a drama filter.

Mount Astrid Lindgren


Last summer I took this pic on my way to mount Astrid Lindgren, 55 MAMSL (Metres Above Sea Level). Chalk bag and safety rope not required.

This will do for WP’s Weekly Photo Challenge “On the Way“.

And who is this Astrid Lindgren (link to AL Memorial Award)? Well, one of my favourite authors and mother of Pippi Longstocking and Ronia the Robber’s Daughter – and some other free thinking children:




Need a key? Turn to Lisa J. Large – she has the largest collection in the World. Ms Large has 3 604 keys on her key-ring.

Did you know that the oldest lock around is about 4 000 years old? And, according to Guinness World Records, the largest padlock measures 1,44 m and weigh  415,5 kg?

This post will do for WP’s Weekly Photo Challenge “enveloped”. These locks are signed, sealed but not yet delivered. Pic taken in Paris.

Swedish nature

Today I’ll share four Instagram moments from the Swedish nature (my contribution to WP’s Weekly Photo Challenge “Forces of Nature“). Quality not that super, but my memories unforgettable.


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Honking and hiding



I chose glamour filter for these pictures. Don’t ask me why. Maybe I needed some glamour after standing in a cow pasture (tripod in a dropping (dry one! (Thank God for that!))) watching birds for an hour or so.
Or maybe for hiding the lack of sharpness.
Anyway, this was my first bird-photo-session. Fun but difficult. The birds didn’t want to cooperate, they were not sitting still. Or floating still. The flapped around, honking and hiding.
Stupid birds.

No, they were beautiful!
(This adventurous post will also do as a contribution to WP’s Photo Challenge “afloat”.)

Blury vs not so blury moose


My contribution to WP’s Weekly Photo Challenge “…find beauty in a blur”.

Well, it’s difficult to see the beauty in this pic – but they are standing there, in the dusk. Two blury moose. Old picture I know, but I seldom see them.

My blogging friend and former neighbour, managed to catch one (with her camera) the other day. I’m impressed! A-mamman can provide you with a more decent moose pic!

Glow in the dark


In response to WP’s Weekly Photo Challenge – orange

A small lamp from a very BIG furniture store in Sweden (no, it did not require any scre…wing…Ooops “no, the container did not contain any screws” phew… (but a 6 pages long manual on how to put together)), perfect for a kids bedroom. It changes color from orange/red to blue/lilac and the shell is made of soft rubber.