Time to say goodbye


I’m on my way to a runners event on Djurgården. Meeting good friends and beautiful surroundings. Hope no one looks at my shoes. They were my best pals some years ago.
11 years, to be exact.
It’s time to get new ones.
Or, lets wait to next runners event.



Bribe – a small gift to compensate for an unpacked training sweater.
I hope it will do, and that it’s still here, when the training is finished.
Football Tuesday.
Xperia,  drama, hdr and a vintage filter. All in, so to say.

Risky business

training socks

I wonder what will happen if i put R on L foot and L on R foot? Will it take twice as long walking to the bus? Or will I just have bad foot-day?

Oh, I would never do such a crazy thing, but sometimes these obsessive thoughts just comes over me.  It’s great that sock manufacturers take responsibility and provide customers with these very important recommendations. What would otherwise happen? I mean – walking around with two R’s? No thanks.