It’s a Purple Day 

Då har det gått ett år sedan han gick bort i sitt Paisley Park, mr Prince Roger Nelson (June 7, 1958 – April 21, 2016). Som ett troget fan och amatörbloggare borde jag kanske skriva några väl valda – men nej – jag hoppar det. Jag överlåter ordet till the Purple One Himself. Han gör det ju tusen gånger bättre. (Och Sinead o’Connor vet hur man förmedlar.)

Sometimes it snows in April

and this year it sure did – I find it very hard to accept that Prince is gone.

Right now I’m enjoying his music 2 The Max, and I scan the Internet for unseen interviews or musical performances. (I can recommend BBC’s tribute to “The Artist Formerly Known as… Prince”, link here.)

So, any Prince memory to share? Favorite song? Or was he too noisy for your taste? My choice (for today) is “Baby I’m a star”, live in the Purple Rain movie. Perhaps he was a poor actor – but honey, he was rich on personality.

My blogging is put on hold, a few more days.