Something fishy


Something fishy is going on in my blog. Pictures are being changed, without my saying so. For instance: I did NOT put the sock-pic in my ‘Swedish light’ post. And the naked statue is also poppig up on wrong places. (Well, I can live  with that.)

Can someone explain what’s happening?

6 thoughts on “Something fishy

  1. I had this problem on another website once and it had to do with the way the image files were named. My image files did not have unique names, so images would show up in the wrong place. Your problem might be similar if your images do not have unique file names.

    1. Thank you! You are right, I suspect that too now. Well, Mohammad suggested URL and I know I’ve accidently clicked on that. But I also know that I sometimes name my images rather simple, such as “flower” (easy to duplicate).
      Once more – thank you. I will from now on try to give my images unique names.

  2. It seems that Synthiamvoss already gave good comments, here are some additional ones
    1- I would definitly change my password (just in case) if I hade same problems
    2- check your media library and your blog which is wrong, are you sure you didn’t put an URL (a pointer to an adress on WEB) instead of transfering to the media library?
    3- check your current template (the fiore theme), may be an template update caused some SW error

    1. Thank you so much! I’ve changed my password. Good point about URL, I know that I sometimes (when blogging from cellphone) accidently klick on “insert URL…”. I Think that can be my problem!
      Thanks again!

      1. Not a problem at all. Happy that you find my comments useful. I found your great photos and looking forward to seeing more of your photo arts and Sharp Eyes.

        Have a great summer!


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