DahliaDahlia and a drowsy bumblebee at Rosendals Trädgårdar

I still have problems with my blog. Pictures disappear or change location, so it’s a bit hard to blog for the moment. It is very annoying!

Note to self: be patient. Do not throw the laptop out the window.

8 thoughts on “Drowsy

  1. Nice photo!!!.
    Regarding problem with this blog and disapearing photos, I found the following steps are the best way since I have had lots of problems (like HTTP ERROR,….) with my blogs, after using the following steps it works really fine.

    1- click on “NEW POST”
    2- use “VISUAL”, I add some text for TITLE and put some text on the text area (If I have anything to say 🙂 )
    3- ress “PUIBLISH”
    4- click on “VIEW POST”
    5- choose “EDIT”
    6- click on “ADD MEDIA” (while VISUAL is choosed”)
    7- click on “UOLOAD MEDIA”
    8- press “SELECT FILES” and use “INSERT INTO POST” and at last
    9- “UPDATE”

    Please note that this is the way I use with WordPress and it doesn’t necessarily mean “the best way”.

  2. Sure, I forgot that I am using the old fasion.
    By the way there is Another much easier way!! Just compose your blog and add photo(s) and send it to specefic email adress. It will publish it immediately.

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