7 thoughts on “I will not cry

  1. Seriously, 99.9 % of Australians probably don’t think Guy Sebastian should be competing. We also probably don’t know why he is where he is today!!!!( there were rumours of a fundamentalist christian church mass voting arrangement)Let a European win Eurovision it is a European event. And bring back ABBA

    1. Interesting. According to Swedish media is the “entire” Australia huge fans of Eurovision. This year, when ESC was celebrating 60 years, Australia was specially invited. So you mean that you guys does not gather up in middle of the night, in town squares and football arenas, to watch ESC live from Azerbaijan?!
      What a delusion.
      Yes, let’s hope for a ABBA Revival.

      1. Oh, I might have misunderstood your comment. Sorry. Perhaps Australians are big fans – It was Sebastian you were sceptical about, I think he had a great voice, but I know nothing about him or how he was selected to ESC. 😉

      2. Ulli you don’t believe what the media tells you surely? In Melbourne a small crowd gathered at a central square and watched a big screen. Maybe similar in other big cities. Guy Sebastian’s church followers probably had a big night but they are way to the right religiously so who cares!!. Many many more ABBA fans in Australia. I think there were some business connections behind the “Australian invitation” Although, last year Jessica Mourboys, a fantastic Australian singer was a special guest appearance at Eurovision. Do you remember her? And Congratulations SWEDEN for winning.

      3. Ha ha, no I don’t belive Everything media says, but Eurovision has taken extreme proportions in Sweden. The most important thing in the World is Peace, then Eurovision (according to local head of ESC operations and Swedish Television).
        Jessica Mourboys was Amazing!
        Thank you very much, It was fun that Måns won!

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