Living snake print





Sorry snake-haters but I could not resist. I find them very fascinating and I had the macro lens in my bag when I visited Skansen this Sunday. But I promise,  no more snakes in the blog. I think.
Edit: A thick protective glass, Nikon and drama & vintage filter.

9 thoughts on “Living snake print

  1. They are beautiful! Thanks for your consideration to our feelings, but enjoy your freedom to post what you want. Thanks so much, Ullis! 🙂

  2. Great shots, what a strange tip on the head, what is it?

    Here in Australia snakes are everywhere and part of life. I have been chased by Tiger Snakes 4 times in my life and escaped every time thankfully. Even here in Melbourne snakes are common.

    1. It’s a Vietnamese longnose snake (Rhynchophis boulengeri).
      Have you been chased by a snake?! Can they be so aggressive? Sounds scary. Here in Sweden we have only three snake species and only one is poisonous (not deadly poisonous).
      I saw a Taipan at the aquarium too, but the pic got too blurred.

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