It’s been 7 hours and 13 days

How do a amateur photo blogger pay tribute to a unique performer like Prince?

Instaology choose to post one press picture and two random love messages: one from NASA and one from mr Hanson. Pic #1 belongs to Prince official links, #2 to NASA and #3 to a farmer named Gene Hanson (link to Huff Post).

NASA honoured Prince by Tweeting a purple Crab nebulosa and the farmer by plowing a huge Unpronounceable Symbol into his field.  Both did a lovely job.

And how do Ullis pay her respect?

Well,  first of all by continuing to Go Crazy over his music and never, NEVER let the elevator bring me down. Because in this life – you are on your own.

Secondly, by posting this right now. It´s been 7 hours and 13 days.

#7h13d and still crying.



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