6 thoughts on “Morning traffic 

      1. And then, at some point, explode? I was in Stockholm last year. (Beautiful city!) Everybody was polite and pleasant and all seem to be doing what they pleased without being in each others way, without paying attention to each other. It looked happy, relaxed and free. But after a day or three I thought I noticed some kind of carefulness, or maybe cautioness is a better word. Seemingly not noticing the other is a way to avoid possible conflict. Although nothing, really nothing, happened that provoked a special thought about this, I felt some kind of underlying discomfort, uneasyness, something perhaps threatning – like the distant rumble of an approaching thunderstorm. Forgive me if this sounds total nonsens. I mean, what do I know after a week in your country? And hey, I had a wonderful time on Södermalm. I even learned to greet with ‘hey!’, that sounded ever so joyful. 🙂

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