Bee session

Japanese rose (Rosa rugosa).

It’s that stupid bee that’s unfocused, not me.

Macro Saturday. Windy and well identified flying objects all over the place.

1. Identify flowers – check!

2. Get the camera – check!

3. Get started – check!

4. Go back inside to insert battery – check!

5. Go back outside and check if neighbours are awake – check!

6. Be too lazy to go back in again to get tripod – check!

7. Dive wholeheartedly into the thorny shrub – check!

8. Glance nervously to see if neighbours are watching – check!

9. Chase bees with macro lens frantically – check!

10. Realize that you are more hungry than eager to take pictures – check!

11. Go back inside to have a sandwich – check!

One thought on “Bee session

  1. Funny post – I love it. Thanks for the laugh. Next time a creature is out of focus I will blame it on them. Ha Ha

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