13 thoughts on “Action pics

    1. I had actually forgotten about the sport setting! 😄 But I used it today and the pics got better! The camera also took pictures in a sequence, and that was pretty useful too. Thanks for the reminder! 👌

      1. Yes, the sequence is great because out of 20 pics you will get that 1 great one. Or a progression of a girl driving to the basket and sinking that shot. Glad to be of service… 🙂

  1. If you keep your shutter at at least 1/500s your action should freeze, including those thrown balls. Nice images. I love shooting my daughters volleyball games.

    1. I will try that, thanks! 😄
      I shoot basketball and football (but my football player don’t want me to post pictures), so my memorycard is full of action shots.. Fun though!

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