12 thoughts on “Finally snow in Stockholm

  1. Agreed. Beautiful !
    I can remember growing up with meters of snow at the side of the road and days when I was quite literally “Snowed In”, our home and garage faced North and I had about 0.6m of snow at the door and a meter of snow at the garage.
    Great excuse to get on my winter wear and play in the snow.
    Lots of work but invigorating until my back went on me 😦 .

    1. Thank you! I will enjoy it.
      We have a saying in Sweden: “lagom är bäst” = “eveyrything in moderation”. I’m sorry to hear that your back went, take care!

  2. Cool! 🙂 Over here we only have some snow in the very south of the country. Everybody is going there to see it! So authorities are upset because of the crowds flocking toegether. (Our complete south is about 3 square kilometers big 🙂 ) But! It seems there is a Polar Wirl, if I understood correctly, that could provide a real winter in Europe.

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