Granny #4139


I think I will keep the sticker and put it on my forehead when I get grandchildren.
Have the apple season in Süd-Tirol already started by the way?! Or is it a fresh and shiny apple from 2014? Or even 2013?
Note to self: put the sticker on forehead right away!

New in


I feel much more comfortable with these compared to the salmon. I know exactly how to prepare them:
In a frying pan with a touch of sugar, Cointreau and a match.

The pineapple survived


the breakfast. Let’s see if I can eat him her it tonight.
Think, think, think… do I need to take off my shoes in public today?…No!
I can go for a odd pair of socks again. With even lager holes, on both feet!

This is great. Some kind of held back revolution (or at least a statement)!!