Solitudes crowding 

My contribution to WP’s Weekly Photo Challenge “Solitude“.

Cellphone pics with Hdr filter. 

Vill du plugga tulpansorter så åk till Ulriksdals Slottsträdgård. Det erbjuds självplockning dessutom – men seriöst – det såg ut som att en hel dagisklass varit där och plockat. Eller att kvarterets katter såg planteringen som en privat kattlåda delux. Vad händer med folk när det vankas buffé?  Berserk liksom.

The heavy adult-filter


Sometimes it takes weeks for me to find fun and inspiring motives with my lens. It’s like a thick, dull adult-filter blocks the viewfinder. Perhaps I’m trying too hard – or not trying at all.

A friend of mine, Maria, writes about finding the flow in one of her blog posts. Maybe I need to turn my seeker to something completely different than i usually do? What would that be? Food? No. Nope. Not amused by food.

Fashion? OMG, no.

I wish I could spy through my kid’s eyes (theme of The Weekly Photo Challenge). They see exciting things everywhere.



Crack – an undesired condition that may cause unwanted exposure of filling.

Suddenly came low waist jeans to my mind.

Anyway – this is my contribution to WPs Weekly Photo Challenge “Broken“.

A Nikon, and drama, hdr, b&w and vintage filter. Done for today.

Having a Down hill moment


It’s difficult to take action shots. Here for instance: lots of grey grassy foreground, focus on the straws and where is the biker? And my position… Oh man, well, if I wanted to take a back-side-long-distat picture from some kind of Frog’s perspective – this was a good position.

Action moments are “Ephemeral”!  (Yes, I learned a new word today, thanks WP Photo Challenge!)





I can’t resist WP’s Weekly Photo Challenge: cover art! I often judge a book by it’s cover (well, it happens with people too sometimes (very incorrect of me)). Here are two of my own beauties, one record cover and one book cover, both bought just for their fabulous wrapping.

However, if you want to look at really nice covers, I mean really outstanding, please visit The New Yorker’s archive. Scroll down a bit and enjoy. A whole bunch of masterpieces.

Another arty cover is this (link to Youtube). But I think I prefer the original.