Queen of Refraction




The Weekly Photo Challenge asks for refractions. The Queen of Refraction must be Karolinska Institutet’s flagship Aula Medica. I visit there now and then and I must say it is quite spectacular.

However, my unit sit in a much more modest building so it is my duty to think that Aula Medica is way too flashy for my taste.

Oh, I love to have an office there! Give me one, right now!

9 thoughts on “Queen of Refraction

  1. A reflection of desire. Isn’t desire often an expression of inner fears? Perhaps a fear of not belonging. (Free ourselves of out inner fears we must!) 😀

  2. Hi Ullis,
    Very nice photos! I am interested in using one of them (wpid-132) at a website I am building for a construction company. Would that be possible and how much would you charge?
    Best regards,
    Jessica (d97jes@gmail.com)

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