Note to self

memory card

This is an important litte thing – especially if I want to use my camera. The m-e-m-o-r-y card. Don’t I ever, EVER forget it in the laptop again. (There are so many things we amateur photographers must remember; 1. Bring the camera 2. Take off the lens cap 3. Charge the battery, and now, 4. Insert memory card.)


10 thoughts on “Note to self

  1. We went on vacation one time and did not realize the card was not in the camera until we got to our destination. We ended up finding one at a local electronics store that was close by and I’ve always checked now before leaving. Plus now that I have a spare it stays in the camera case…as a backup.

  2. Haha, I’m a professional photographer, but I still forget to take the lens cap off sometimes before raising the camera to my eye. It’s extremely embarrassing when I’m meant to be a “pro” (my excuse is I’m too busy setting up lighting and a range of technical equipment, but sadly sometimes it happens when I’m not using any, so I’m left red-faced and without excuse)..

    Another silly thing I have been known to do is to forget the silly little clip thing that attaches my camera to my tripod, and I have arrived at a night time shoot and been completely unable to do anything because of it! That made me feel even more stupid than when I forget to take the lens cap off! Luckily I’ve never had that happen on a paid shoot, though. But recently I did a restaurant shoot and all my batteries ran out, and when I took out my backup batteries, they were flat too! That was not a good day.

    Anyway, while I’m here, I wanna say thanks for following my blog. Today I reached 300 followers. i know that’s not much of a milestone for most bloggers, but I really do appreciate every single person who appreciates something about my photos or thoughts enough to follow my blog.

    1. Good to hear that it’s not just me who forgets small stupid things. Sometimes I forget to take of the stopper before I serve the wine….well well.
      You have a very nice blog – congrats to the increasing number of followers!

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