Swedish waxing


As you might know by now I like snow and winter. I even like winter sports, like skiing for example. One of my greatest achievements last year was when I made it to the finish line after a bad – very bad – waxing. A huge miswax. 10 kilometers of pain and curses.

Well that was my contribution to WP’s weekly photo challenge!

Note to self: this “Brazilian waxing” everyone is talking about, try it out next season.

4 thoughts on “Swedish waxing

  1. I had NO IDEA that waxing your legs could have such an affect on an athlete’s performance. Wow. Me, I love downhill skiing and I rarely wax my legs for that. Cycling now, that’s different…

    (PS: I know you were referring to your skis, but I couldn’t help but tease you! 🙂 )

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